Our Mission and Philosophy



Authentic objects of Art, Fashion and Craft from France, Provence made by local Artisans, made with love, made with passion, made with proud, labeled and stamped by their own names and trade marks as a pledge of fair prices, lack of binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable local business.

Artisans from rural communities don't have the means to sell their work on the international market. ARTHENTIQUE.FR gives them a platform to do this and reach customers on a global scale. We want to provide our customers with a simple, transparent and pleasant experience of buying "100% Made in France" products with a great value, and the joy of helping to nurture and elevate the craft of local artisans.

At ARTHENTIQUE, we believe that we can make a difference proposing carefully selected list of "100% Made in France" items produced by local, real people with a real stories and experience of making Art and Fashion in France.

We want to redirect the focus to the quality. We want to rejuvenate local business, shops, atelier, boutiques and support local designers, craft-makers, artist and artisans and their families. We want to make all of you a bit happier.

We want to connect local business with a global customers via ARTHENTIQUE web store.


Objets authentiques d’Art, de mode et d'Artisanat français, fabriqués en Provence avec amour, passion et fierté par des artisans locaux, labellisés et estampillés de leurs noms et de leur marque unique comme gage de prix justes, grâce notamment à une absence volontaire de contrats contraignants, et grâce à une liberté voulue de faire de leur métier un succès en créant une entreprise locale et durable.

Les artisans des communautés rurales ne disposent pas de moyens pour vendre leurs œuvres sur le marché international. ARTHENTIQUE.FR leur donne une plate-forme pour le faire et atteindre des clients à l'échelle mondiale. Nous voulons offrir à nos clients une expérience simple, transparente et agréable en achetant des produits "100% Made in France" d’une grande qualité, avec la satisfaction d'aider à soutenir et développer l’activité des artisans locaux.

À ARTHENTIQUE, nous pensons pouvoir faire la différence en proposant une liste d’articles «100% Made in France", sélectionnés avec soin et fabriqués par des acteurs locaux, dotés d’une histoire et d’une expérience authentiques de l’artisanat et du savoir-faire français.

Nous voulons réorienter l'accent sur la qualité. Nous voulons réactiver les activités locales (commerces, magasins, ateliers, boutiques) et soutenir les créateurs locaux, les artisans et les artistes ainsi que leurs familles. En quelques mots, nous voulons apporter une satisfaction à chacun.

Nous souhaitons connecter le commerce local à une échelle plus globale grâce à notre boutique en ligne ARTHENTIQUE.


Who we are

The Branche Verte Co. is a line of clothing and accessories handcrafted in our small atelier in Provence, France.

Our items are mainly built out of a durable high quality materials, repurposed canvas mixed with a high quality denim and vegetable-tanned leather. Branche Verte Co. items are unique as they are made from limited quantity recycled materials so it will be hard to repeat the same thing again.

Exclusive Photographer at ARTHETIQUE.

Photography it's my way of understanding people and objects and i am happy to look at my life and life of others from that point of view. I'm located in South of France, Provence, Saint Etienne Les Orgues, and i love travel so we can travel with all necessary gear and stuff to your location. I hope that i speak still correct russian, ukrainian, polish, english and french so we find the way to talk for sure.

Workshop and Stock-Store of Branche Verte Co.

A house, a studio, a workshop and finally a cozy place to spend your time on making art, sewing clothes, creating something new and nice by your own hands. The Place from where all goods things starts!